Monday, 16 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello again! Happy Belated Valentine's Day everyone. I am sure you all did something special on that day. I don't really celebrate valentine's day like most people would do. I use Valentine's day for a perfect excuse to eat out :)

I know you don't know much about me. But, if you keep following my blog you will get to know me more. One thing I really love to do on weekend is having breakfast or brunch at a lovely cafe. Luckily the valentine's day was on a Saturday. It was raining, so perfect weather for a romantic breakfast. The cafe was 'Beauutiful'!. It's called 'Madeline's at jells'. Those of you who are from Melbourne would know where Jells park is, the cafe is inside the park. If you are lucky enough to get a  sit next to the window, I promise you'll get a spectacular breathtaking view.

                                     (View from the window)

The thing I most love about this cafe is, they thought about their little diners and designed a separate menu for them. The menu has colouring option on the other side of the menu and the cafe provides crayons as well. This has kept my cute kitten happy. Yes, I know Valentine's day is suppose to be for the mummy & daddy to have fun and spend some time together. But, it wasn't a bad experience bringing my kitten in :)
                                    ( My little kitten with the colouring menu) 

There were different options to choose from. It took us a while to make an order. So this is what finally ordered for the three of us.

For my little kitten:

Pancake with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup

For the two of us: 

Mushroom Brushetta ( Sauteed mushroom, basil pesto, rocket marinated feta & balsamic glaze on crunchy ciabatta)

Eggs Atlantic ( smoked salmon,dill & caper cream, poached eggs, asparagus, hollandaise on ciabatta) 

Thursday, 12 February 2015


Hello Everyone! Welcome to my blog. I've wanted to start a blog for a long time. But, didn't know what to blog about. I finally took the step and made up my mind. My blog 'one cute kitten' is about life in Melbourne, parenting, travelling and food.
I know you're probably thinking why calling it 'one cute kitten'? I am a stay at home mum of an adorable little girl. I compare her cuteness with newborn kittens and the blog is mostly about my life after I had her. Therefore; I came up the with name 'one cute kitten' . I do hope you enjoy my blog and please don't forget to follow me blog and on instagram (@1cute_kitten)

I hope to post soon. Stay tune.